second spring

We seem to be having a second spring here in Kansas City. We’ve had unprecedented amounts of rain for late August, leading to flooding in some parts of the city that made it all the way to the national news. (Television being the great validator of anything that happens in our world.) Two of my far-flung siblings had even contacted me last week to make sure I was alive. Not to worry; my house is on top of one of the highest hills in the county. My basement is dry.

The trails I run on (the Indian Creek Trail and the Tomahawk Creek Trail) both follow their namesake¬†streams and are thus in the lowlands. I’ve been on both of them in recent days and while they showed signs of flooding (and a few puddles as well as a few muddy, impassable stretches), nothing I encountered did any more than divert me once or twice. My newish running shoes, on the other hand, are now a mess.

Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week (which means I may be on the treadmill in my basement, though I have done some long runs in the rain if it’s warm enuf), but the weekend looks dry and warm. I’m thinking I may have an overnight at my little cabin in the woods.

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