thick-skinned report

I don’t think I’ve written a post like this in a long time. Or at least one using the old title.

I had submitted my F&S story “Twice Blest” to Front Porch Review on Thursday of last week. I received the rejection yesterday. Five days, and actually only two working days. That’s a quick response, even if it was a rejection.

But what a nice rejection it was. I got a personal email from the editor. He explained why it didn’t fit their needs, with detail, rather than just making that statement as most other rejection letters do. He also made suggestions for how to improve the story, (I suppose) unknowingly telling me to do pretty much what the rest of the stories in the cycle actually do do. So that was nice.

This was the story that got accepted by a publication that fell off the radar before it could get published. It’s subsequently made the rounds at a few places but been declined each time. It hope it isn’t cursed by its near publication early in life. You know how formative early in life experiences can be.

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