Labor Day 2016

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Can you imagine trying to legislate such a recognition to hard-working people today, in the current labor-hostile climate we have?

Did my pre-dawn sixer this morning in the deliciously cool air. I came into the spooky shelter at the park I’ve mentioned before (here and here) and there was a person there, though not sitting in the dark because the shelter lights were on. It was a young woman, and she had some things spread on the picnic table before her. She was also, apparently, charging her phone in one of the live outlets available. What is it about this shelter that seems to be attractive to strays in the wee small hours of the morning? Anyway, I came trotting in, waved to her to show I was no menace, then walked to the far corner of the shelter where the water fountain stands. I took a drink and stayed over there so the woman needn’t worry about me. She spoke first, though, commenting on my shirt. It was the one I earned for running my first half marathon and she said she liked the image on the front. I asked her if she had run it, and she said no but that she was thinking of getting a tattoo of a similar image (the city skyline, reflected into the “ground” below it).

So this park shelter continues to provide me with interesting experiences.

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