More than seven years ago, I made a post on this humble blog about my initial fumblings with what was, at the time, called Google Documents. (It’s now called Google Drive.) I then wrote two more related posts about it. You can read the first post here, then the subsequent posts here and here, which I know you probably won’t, but, whatever, as the kids say. (Also, this humble blog has been around for nearly a decade!) The reason I note this is because the office where I work has recently denied us access to Google Drive. The stated reason is concern over company files getting loose in the world but the real reason, I am certain, is to thwart me. I’ve placed a lot of my stories on Google Drive and I found it handy for dipping into them during working hours when a fresh thought came into my head. So now I’m shopping around for some alternate online file storage system that hasn’t (yet) caught the attention of my corporate masters. A few have been suggested, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

Update 27OCT16 – I still can access Google Drive at work. I won’t bring that to anyone’s attention however.


The three books I wrote about in this recent post are still languishing on my desk. I have not read a word from any of them since I last lamented my laziness. (Not included in that list of books is another sitting idly on my desk: The Autobiography of Mark Twain – volume 1. I drove myself more than half way through it when I first got it, but it can be hard going since so much of what he writes about is obscure, ancient history that I have no context for.)


My latest story, “Old School,” is at an online magazine for consideration. I’m surprised with myself. I think this may be the fastest I’ve ever gone from writing a story to submitting it. Normally I would let a story sit for several months before sending it off so that embellishments and further developments can come to my mind and I can refine the story. But this one is a bit of fluff, a comic little tale that probably doesn’t merit too much thought, so I haven’t been finding these embellishments coming to mind. Probably it’s finished, and if it’s accepted by the ezine, then it’s definitely finished.


The weight machine is now fully assembled in my basement. I sat in it and tried a few of the exercises just to ensure that it works. It does. Now I must. Ask me about this down the road so I’m embarrassed enuf to actually use it.

Update 27OCT16 – I am actually using this thing!


I have managed to find a way to put the word “enuf” into one of the One-Match Fire stories. This is my effort to evolve the language.

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4 Comments on “oddments”

  1. I’ve used Dropbox and found success. Best of luck!

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Turns out Dropbox is also one of the banned sites at work. But I tried Google Drive this morning and got in.

  3. pete29anderson Says:

    Aha, I’m now blocked from Drive as well. You might try Evernote.

  4. Paul Lamb Says:

    Curiously, I still have access to Google Drive at the office. Not sure why. Maybe the ban is being phased in. Or maybe I’m able to access it using Google rather than the company’s default browser. Dunno.

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