just some things

My One-Match Fire story “Twice Blest” was declined by another magazine. That’s to be expected, of course. It’s a quirky story, but I’m still convinced that it has a niche out there. I’m not actively trying to get any more of the stories in the novel/cycle published, though “A Tree Falls in the Forest” is a likely candidate as well.

*   *   *

I’m making notes on a story I’m calling “Fire Sermon.” Although I don’t see it as part of the One-Match Fire collection, it does involve two of the characters. Once you get to know these people, it seems they have a lot to tell you.

*   *   *

I did not get any black toenails from running the marathon two weeks ago. That’s a first.

*   *   *

My hoped-for trip to the cabin this weekend doesn’t look like it will happen. Though we’ve been enjoying some balmy autumn weather, the temps are due to dip below freezing on Saturday night, which makes sitting around a (one-match) campfire drinking beer a chilly prospect. (Also, the head cold lingers, and I’m enjoying some terrific sinus headaches right now.) But we traditionally make a trip to our forest on Black Friday, pretty much to show that we are not consumer culture casualties, and that’s a week away. So it looks like November will not pass as a month without a cabin visit.

*   *   *

Since returning from New York (one week ago), I have worn my marathon Finisher hoodie every day and everywhere, and only one person has noticed and commented on it — and she had been excited about my run before I had left.

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5 Comments on “just some things”

  1. Fire Sermon is an excellent title. I would like to be in a cabin in the woods drinking beer this weekend.

  2. pete29anderson Says:

    That Finisher hoodie looks great on you.

  3. Paul – just to let you know that I moved to a different site. It is mymindhatesme.wordpress.com

  4. Dean Gugler Says:

    I did not realize that you were a short story writer as well as a blog writer.

  5. Paul Lamb Says:

    Dean, I kept those worlds apart when I was writing Roundrock Journal, but now that that old blog is gone, here I am!

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