for and against

  • Oxford comma: I’m for it!
  • Double spacing after a period: Just don’t!

I’m sure there are other things I seethe about, but nothing is coming to mind at the moment.

Also, I am now up to four declines from agents for One-Match Fire. It’s funny that I can wait for months to get a response/rejection for a submitted short story, but so far these agents have responded within hours about the novel. (“Funny” may not be the correct word there.)


I’m currently reading We The Animals by Justin Torres. (I should have it finished by the end of today.) I picked it up because I understood it was about abusive fathers and their sons, and it is about that a bit, but it’s mostly about brothers. It is filled with short vignette chapters that are intense, staccato, and piercing. I’m hoping that it adds up to something in the end. It’s only 123 pages, so if you have even the slightest interest, you should read it; you’ll have it done in a couple of days.

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4 Comments on “for and against”

  1. Unless you’re paying me NOT to use an Oxford comma, you can take it from my cold, dead fingers. And I also have your back regarding two spaces after a period. I used to…when I had a typewriter, and even after word processors became more common. And then came the day all that ended.

    As a technical writer, I also do a fair bit of editing. One of my first moves is a find/replace all on double spaces to make them single.

    And yes, agents seem to reply quickly (or never at all). I hope one soon says they’d like to read the manuscript!

  2. Gin Says:

    I’m not an Oxford comma person. During grade school I was given the option. I took it. And as you will notice, there are two spaces between sentences. Face it, having typed using them for well better than 50 years, it’s nigh onto impossible to stop. Yes, i know…an extra space is a no-no, especially online. Live with it, that or forget comments from me. 😜 (You probably frown on emoji, as well.) As for the rejections, they serve reasonably well as wallpaper. Can you tell I’m in a rotten mood this morning? Sorry.

  3. Diane Major Says:

    Paul, I just read a great article on the EXTREME importance of the Oxford comma ( Gin, you wouldn’t happen to be a plaintiff in this case, would you? 🙂

    Just in the past two or three years, I actually DID manage to train myself out of decades of double-spacing after a period. It was surprisingly easy, I got used to it within maybe a week.

  4. Gin Says:

    Diane, I read that article in the Washington Post the other day. Loved it. I tread carefully with the comma omissions. If it appears there will be confusion, I rewrite the sentence. It would a whole lot simpler to just insert the comma, but I’m stubborn. Chalk it up to old age. 😑

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