bits and pieces (and dog hair)

I cancelled my plans to travel to Kentucky over the holiday weekend to see my mother because I had a bad head cold moving into my chest, and that she is not well was the reason we were going. Then I cancelled my back-up plan to go to the cabin for the weekend because of the cold. I didn’t run the miles I needed. I did, however, manage to mow my lawn on Friday despite being sick. My grandkids are still years away from being big enuf to do this for me.


I’m coming to the conclusion that the universe is primarily made of dog hair. It seems to be the most common substance.


You’d think that New York would be considered a civilized land, but they consistently do not offer chocolate milk after their runs!


Oddly, there have been four unsolved murders¬†recently along the Indian Creek Trail that I regularly run in my part of Kansas City. I understand the FBI is now involved. Granted, this trail is 20+ miles long, and I don’t generally run as far east on it as the area where these events have taken place, but I fit more or less exactly the demographic of the victims. Maybe I’ll steer my feet to the Tomahawk Creek Trail instead.


I am now behind on my personal schedule of running 1,000 miles this year. With the week of resting my knee and the unexpectedly long taper before the half marathon, I’ve fallen behind. I’m still well within range of doing it; I just wanted to collect 100 miles each month.


I’m currently reading a collection of short stories by Colm Toibin called The Empty Family. His work demands close and careful reading.

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4 Comments on “bits and pieces (and dog hair)”

  1. Try not to get murdered. Also it’s always the dog walkers or the joggers who discover the bodies in the books I read. Just sayin’.

  2. Can you rent a Rottweiler as a running companion? Neither of your dogs seem scary enough.

  3. Neither seem? Neither seems? I always have problems with that.

  4. Paul Lamb Says:

    At least two of the men killed were walking their dogs, so that strategy might not be effective. “Neither” is like “none.” To a purist they should be considered singular, but to us mortals, whatever works.

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