lessons I’ve learned

Not many, but a few have managed to stick.

I run in Hoka Bondi 5 shoes. (“Run” is a generous word to describe what I do, by the way.) I began running with this brand when they were selling the Bondi 3 shoes, progressed through the 4s, and am now on my second pair of the 5s. They seem a good fit for me, and I no longer have the ankle ache I had when I wore a different maker’s shoe. But I did have a problem with the Hokas. The insole would slide back when I ran and bunch against my heel. (This is no longer a problem, not because they fixed it, but because I remove the insole and replace it with rigid arch supports that I’ve been running in regularly for more than a year.) Anyway, when I went to the expo for the Portland Marathon, there was a Hoka representative there, and I asked him about the insole problem. He was immediately familiar with it. This bothered me a little since there was obviously a design flaw, but no one had bothered to mention it when I bought the shoes. Otherwise they have been fine shoes and I’ve remained brand loyal. (And at the price of running shoes, I can’t afford to experiment with other brands.)

Similarly, I recently got new glasses. Once again, I stuck with the same frame (a lightweight, flexible titanium arm on each side of frameless lenses). The optician who was helping me suggested that they could simply put new lenses in the frames I already had, thus saving me some money. I said that I wanted to keep my current pair as back ups (since I will soon have five grandchildren, and grandchildren have a free pass to crawl on my head). I added, as I was talking with the optician, that both of the titanium arms had broken at different times and needed replacement. He smiled and said something like “So you know about that little problem, eh?” Again, a design flaw that would not have been revealed to me had I not mentioned it first.


By the way, this is the 1,000th post on Lucky Rabbit’s Foot.

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One Comment on “lessons I’ve learned”

  1. There should be a word for the thousandth post. Happy whatever that word is!

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