name calling

I was (indirectly) called a Yankee once, and it was only because the woman who said it turned to me and quickly apologized that I understood I had just been insulted. I was at a bed and breakfast in Amarillo, Texas and the proprietor was chatting with another guest at breakfast, speaking of a past guest who was a know-it-all type, dismissing him as a Yankee. That was when she apologized to me, obviously having lumped me into that same group because I was from “the North.”

I’ve always considered myself a Midwesterner, a beast apart from a Yankee, which I associate mostly with New England and Abolition, neither of which I have much experience with. Nor had I ever considered the term Yankee to be pejorative. I mean, I understand there was that little bother of the War Between the States with its residues lingering to the present day. But I didn’t understand  the weight that was in that word.

I still don’t consider myself a Yankee, but I didn’t correct the woman because I don’t suppose you want to be seen as a know-it-all in front of a Texan.

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3 Comments on “name calling”

  1. I moved to Texas from northern Illinois in 1984. At the time, there was a lot of “Yankee” hate. These days, I hardly see bumper stickers about Yankees. (Perhaps because people who think like that found bigger things to hate?) I’m sure much of it has to do with so many people from other places coming to Texas saturating the area to the point it became hard to hate one specific group, so…some decided to simply hate everyone…

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  3. pete29anderson Says:

    Not just a Midwesterner, but a South Midwesterner.

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