ten years!

It was ten years ago today that I began this humble blog as a way to hold myself accountable for the writing I was attempting. At the time I had only one published story to my name. But I was embarking on writing a series of cozy mystery novels with the unique hook of not having a murder in them. I managed to write four of them, lost one in a hard drive crash, gave up on one as apprentice work, considered one as okay but needing work, and felt that one was good enuf to submit around, which I did, though I never got more than nibbles from agents.

In that time my writing has evolved. I still work on plots for the cozy mysteries (including one with a half marathon in it), but I’ve also written that weird novel The Sleep of Reason, which got more than nibbles but ultimately never went anywhere. (Why don’t I try sending it our more?) And I did a lot of work on a project I called Larger Than Life, which was based on the central character in my story “Travel Light,” but that fizzled, and I don’t feel any desire to return to it.

I also wrote a number of unconnected short stories in various genres, many of which found their way to publication.

And then I seemed to have found my great subject: the relationship between fathers and sons. All of my One-Match Fire stories, originally the few of them not intended to be anything more than independent stories with common characters, sprung from finding my subject. There are more of them for me to write.

Had I looked ten years into the future when I started this blog, I’m sure I would have seen myself as jaded with all of the commercial success I would have achieved. That hasn’t happened (neither the commercial success nor the jadedness). But I’ll persevere because I don’t know what else to do with myself.

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One Comment on “ten years!”

  1. Diane Major Says:

    Happy bloggiversary!

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