the Transcendentalist and the detective

Having read somewhat extensively both Thoreau and Sherlock Holmes, I guess I kind of knew this at a subconscious level: it turns out that Henry David Thoreau and Sherlock Holmes are actually the same person!*

And apparently there are many of us who are convinced of this truth.


In other news, today is Black Friday, and I traditionally spend the day at my cabin in the woods in defiance of the dictates of our frenzied consumer culture. I am, however, instead in Seattle visiting my son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Elaheh. I saw a rainbow upon my arrival, which persuaded me that the sun does make an appearance here, but like most of my visits to the PNW, I expect the sun to appear only on the day I arrive and the day I leave and naught in between.


*And then there is this speculation!

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3 Comments on “the Transcendentalist and the detective”

  1. How do you pronounce your granddaughter’s name?

    I spent black Friday shopping locally. It’s become a family tradition.

  2. PS Elliot Bay Books is your local independent bookstore in Seattle, if I remember correctly!

  3. Paul Lamb Says:

    The common pronunciation is El-a-hay, but that’s not right. The last syllable is more breathed than pronounced. “heh” like “meh.” Mostly she goes by Ela.

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