a Monday accounting

My recent post proposing that I spend Monday evenings “working” on my writing without actually writing resulted in some action on my part. I actually did devote a couple of hours on Monday evening doing writerly things, just as I intended. Here’s an accounting:

  • I began by taking my wife out and buying her a new winter coat that she’s been saying for months she’s needed. Then I got back home and settled in at my desk.
  • I wrote a blog post (which I think counts).
  • I made some notes on a new story. Lotsa brainstorming. Early stuff, but promising. (I also consulted with a certain pediatrician I am related to about vaccination practices for infants — related to the story idea.)
  • I made the rounds of my usual submission calendars (Duotrope’s Digest, New Pages Classifieds, The Review Review, Calls for Submission on Facebook) and lamented things like tiny word count limits and submission fees. (If you have suggestions for other places, let me know.)
  • I almost submitted one of my stories (“Fire Sermon”) to a publication with a call theme of “fire” but then discovered that I already had. (No response yet but the issue comes out next week.)
  • I did submit one of my stories (“Forest Succession”) to a publication with a call theme of “liminal spaces.” No info on response time but it’s an annual publication and the submission deadline is still two months hence.
  • I browsed the statistics page at Duotrope’s Digest and learned four things: the publication with the slowest response time is McSweeney’s Quarterly at 528 days; the publication with the fastest response time is Whiskey Paper at 0.4 days; the publication with the highest rejection rate is Fantasy & Science Fiction at a 0.09% acceptance rate; and the publication with the highest acceptance rate is Scarlet Leaf Review with an 88.51% acceptance rate.
  • And then I read (Everyman by Philip Roth).

I didn’t do anything I couldn’t have done any other day of the week except that I generally don’t do it any other day of the week. My goal is to establish and respect a dedicated day to this kind of shop work. Not sure I’ll give a weekly report, but maybe I should to keep myself honest.

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