momentum, maybe?

With the apparent (though only one time so far) success of my ambition to devote one night a week to the more mundane aspects of writing, I’ve begun to wonder if I ought to dedicate another evening of the week to another aspect of my writing.

Long-time readers will recall that I have written a few cozy-mystery novels with a husband and wife team called the Finnegans. Indeed, those novels were why I had originally begun this humble blog. I have four novels written for the duo. One is an apprenticeship mess, one was lost during a hard drive crash (though I think I have enuf pieces of it in emails to put it back together), one is pretty good but needs some structural work, and one is what I consider finished and that I had even begun shopping around years ago. But then my more fraught and literary One-Match Fire stories began asserting themselves in the limited space of my creative brain, and the poor Finnegans (who are not young people by the way) were shoved to the curb.

But the thing about the Finnegans novels is that they are not intended to be literary works. They are genre works, and though I think I bring a new look to the genre with them, they aren’t “deep” reads. They do what they set out to do but they don’t ask too much of the reader.

Which brings me back to my point. I believe I can write these novels in the evenings of the week, when the household is noisy and my soul is mostly crushed by the real world and so on. I don’t have to enter the same creative place in my mind that my loftier writing requires.

And so, I’ve thought, why not dedicate another night of my week to the Finnegans? I could polish the two novels that I think are ready, and I could retrieve the novel that was lost. Plus I have thousands of words of notes for a new novel that I could begin writing. This seems workable.

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One Comment on “momentum, maybe?”

  1. I think that’s a great idea. Cozies, unlike short stories and poetry, can make money. Also, all writing is good writing.

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