It turns out that exactly a year ago I had written a similar post with the same title. (The man who built the lake and dam out at my woods used the word “betwixt” regularly in his speech. It’s hard to find occasion to use it in my world without sounding cloying or pretentious.) I am betwixt projects right now. Story ideas of Nature Always Wins have been pouring into my head, and I’ve been making my copious notes for them, but I can’t seem to write them. In part it’s because the ideas are, at this point, only ideas and not full plots, but I think the larger “problem” is that I am creatively exhausted by this family of men I have created. I think I need to leave their field fallow for a while and then come back to it when my energies have shifted. (Mixing metaphors for decades, folks!)

I mentioned in that earlier post that I had been overwhelmed by an idea for a darker novel unrelated to anything I’ve ever written. That idea is still around, and the copious notes I’ve made for it reside on my computer. But I am leery of beginning the work. I’m much more comfortable with sweetness and light. So it sits fallow too.

I have some older, unfinished stories that aren’t related to either of these ambitions that I could/should work on. One in particular is tugging at my brain. I’ve written two stories retelling Greek myths: “Moron Saturday” which is my version of the Diana and Acteon story, and “Pandora’s Tackle Box” which I think is evident. This new story would fall in that realm. It’s a kind of retelling of the Icarus myth, with a dose of Sisyphus and even Camus thrown in.

And then, if I cannot get any actual writing underway, there is always the business of getting One-Match Fire in submission. I think I’m scared of doing that.


Here’s a picture of my chainsaw. There isn’t much muddled thinking when I pick it up:

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3 Comments on “betwixt”

  1. markparis Says:

    Your chainsaw looks a lot like mine, only cleaner. I’m not sure whether your mind is similar to mine, but I’m pretty sure it’s way more organized.

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Mark – That’s a very old photo of my saw. It’s seen some use since then.

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