Finnegans commence

I had a great weekend of writing this past. As I said in my recent post (betwixt) I needed to embark on something wholly different from what has occupied most of my creative energy for the last few years, and I did. I began work on a new Finnegans novel.

The Finnegans are a husband and wife team I’ve envisioned being the protagonists of a series of cozy mystery novels set in bed and breakfasts. Their stories would be unique because there wouldn’t be any actual crime involved, and certainly not any murder (which is standard issue for most mysteries). I’ve always said that there is plenty of evil people can do that doesn’t involve crime. The Finnegans stumble into these mysteries and bring them to some resolution, generally vindicating the innocent and revealing the guilty.

I’ve actually written four of these novels (none published), so I know the characters well and can more or less throw them into the plot I have in mind and let them do the driving. I think they’re perfect for the break I need from my “literary” writing. I can more easily pick up where I left off with the Finnegans, meaning I might do some writing at unexpected times, like in the long, dark winter evenings before me.

This latest, which I’m calling Finnegans Fogbound, involves a half marathon in a town bitterly divided by ethnicity (Irish on one side of the river, Hispanics on the other and only one bridge betwixt them). I had originally conceived this plot long before I took up the sport of running, but now that I’m revisiting it with some actually running experience, I can see how much better I can tell the tale.

The writing has been going well. I put down more than 2,000 pretty good words and completed a first chapter. Slyly introduced in that chapter are the tensions that will be resolved in the story, so the plan is well laid.

Feels good being in this kind of place.


We were at the art museum when the “light dusting” began yesterday. Thinking it prudent, we headed home with some trouble. Four inches and some shoveling later and it all seems like a dream.

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2 Comments on “Finnegans commence”

  1. C Says:

    That’s really cool that you’ve been inspired and already have a good start. Quick question- do you use scrivener, or do you manage plot lines in your head or by traditional notes?

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    C – I don’t use Scrivener. Mostly in my little head and with a Word file of copious notes.

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