“Old School” is now online

My story “Old School” is now up at Bull & Cross. You can read it here.

I based this story on several things: a conversation with someone who made the basic assertion in the story (I was never certain whether or not he was serious about it); some bosses I have had through the years; and an accounting professor at the second college I attended whose appearance (and perhaps name) I used for the main character in the story.

This story is similar in spirit to my story “Velvet Elvis.” They build to an unexpected yet should-have-been-obvious conclusion.

Enjoy! (but only if you wish; I’m not trying to impose any response, really)

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2 Comments on ““Old School” is now online”

  1. I read this over the weekend and loved it. Perhaps because where I work, they are laying off older employees who know the company better than most, but have accrued salaries beyond what accounting deems worthy, they are being released (or driven out by other means), and in their place are new, younger people they can pay much less.

    In some cases, the truth comes out: that anyone can learn most office jobs in time. But in other instances, the losses of some seem to continue chipping away at the company.

    But even if I wasn’t living the story in some manner, I’d love “Old School.”

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Thanks, Chris!

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