bear wants to fight you

I drove to the Missouri state capital and then walked into the Missouri state capitol over the weekend. There was a ceremony being held there for awarding professional engineering certificates to young men and women who had earned them, and since one of those engineers happened to be my eldest son, it seemed right to attend.

Bears appear in various insignia of the state of Missouri and though wild black bears were more common in the state a century ago (and were believed to have been extirpated since), they have been making incursions from our neighboring state to the south, and it’s now thought that in some wilder parts of the Ozarks, we might have a sustaining black bear population. (In fact, I had thought that I saw signs of a bear in my woods on the edge of the Ozarks and even sent photos of the “evidence” to the local conservation agent. Sadly, he told me it was more likely the sign of a deer with curious feeding habits. Still, local, unconfirmed sightings of bears abound. There have even been two reports of seeing Bigfoot in my county!)

There was certainly no shortage of bears in the capitol, including this finial (?) at the bottom of a stair railing. This fellow stands about ten inches tall. Because of the staging of the ceremony, I had to take the picture with this angle so I didn’t have a lot of stagecraft clutter in the background. From this vantage, he (?) looks as though he is spoiling for a fight, though the original angle I’d intended made him look as though he wanted to dance with you.

Having arrived early for the ceremony (there was snow in the forecast, so I allowed extra drive time that I didn’t need), I made my way to the library there. I’m happy to report that on their shelves they had three of Rabih Alameddine’s novels and six of Iris Murdoch’s.


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2 Comments on “bear wants to fight you”

  1. I would rub the bear’s nose to confuse it. Note: I would not do that with a living breathing bear.

  2. markparis Says:

    I was going to comment on your earlier post about the Mont Blanc pen but I let it slip. Then when the family was sitting around a few days ago talking about my brother, the subject of fountain pens came up because my brother had a Mont Blanc from a long time ago that he loved. He was very reluctant to let anyone use it, especially if they were not left handed. He was left handed and insisted that the nib had worn in a certain way because of that, and if a right-handed person used it it might mess with the nib. The bold, black strokes of the comments he wrote on students’ and colleagues’ papers were well known back when he worked at Georgia Tech.

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