grocer’s apostrophe

I never knew there was a name for it, but I’ve seen this usage of apostrophes all over the place. When you place an apostrophe before an S to pluralize a word, and you shouldn’t, it’s called a grocer’s apostrophe. I did not know that.





and so on

That site I link to above calls the apostrophe a “suspended comma.” I’ve not heard that term before either.

I’m not a grammar fanatic by any means, but when I see “mistakes” like these I wonder if the person was trying hard to be “correct” and missed the mark.


Also, Nilou was born yesterday. My sixth (!) grandchild and third granddaughter.

And so the grandbabies are thus:







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2 Comments on “grocer’s apostrophe”

  1. Congrats, grandpa!

    I like the idea of calling it the grocer’s apostrophe. It is commonly used, and it allows the copyeditor to say, “OK, this is vernacular and it’s not my place to correct it.”

  2. Reina Says:

    Congratulations to you, she is so beautiful

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