finding my way in the fog

So while I can’t say that I did a lot of writing on Finnegans Fogbound over the weekend, I can say that I made a lot of good progress.

First of all, I spent Friday evening and Saturday at my little cabin in the woods where there is no electricity (or plumbing) and so no writing was done whilst there. That left Sunday for my creative efforts, which mitigates my lack of word-count progress, right?

I won’t say that I lost my way with this novel because I haven’t. I know how it will end and how it will get there. But I lost something in the last week. My mojo, maybe. My focus, perhaps. I didn’t know if I was repeating my clever ideas and phrasings, and I couldn’t remember if I’d introduced this or that plot point (or just intended to in notes somewhere).

So instead of pushing to finish Chapter 15, I began a read through of everything I had written so far, making a few lines of synopsis notes for each chapter, thus giving myself a kind of road map of where I’ve been in the story to know better how to navigate where I must go. And if that metaphor is too annoying, then I just reread my stuff to know what I’d done.

I feel better oriented now and in the right place to push on with the rest of the writing (as well as know where some weak areas need attention). I’m guessing I’m about two-thirds of the way done with the first draft. I didn’t keep a record of when I’d started to know how long it’s taken me to get here, but I’m not disappointed with my progress.


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