“It’s not you. It’s me.”

I received a unique rejection letter over the weekend. I’d probably get more rejection letters if I sent out more submissions, but that would require effort and confidence and other qualities that I rarely possess, so I spare myself a great deal of disappointment by being a lazy slug.

But anyway, the rejection I received was for a submission of a story I had made months ago and that I had forgotten about. It was by email, and it was actually lengthy for both a rejection and an email. The first third of the letter was the standard let-you-down-gently, template stuff that never mentions the actual name of the story. Routine. But then it ventured into fresh territory.

The editor devoted the remaining two-thirds of the email to explaining that after their next issue, the publication would cease to exist. They had lost their funding.

I’ve certainly seen publications go out of business. (One even did so immediately after accepting one of my stories.) But I’d never seen such an announcement in a rejection letter. It seemed to me that the editor took this unlikely opportunity to make the announcement because she wanted to tell the world in every way she could what her painful news was. It almost seemed like a memorial.

The rejection letter devoted a lot of words to encouragement, telling me (and I realize it was not me so much as all recipients from their slush pile who received the non-personalized email) to continue writing and submitting and being part of the community of creative people.

So I guess I’ll do that.

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One Comment on ““It’s not you. It’s me.””

  1. C Says:

    I had a similar thing happen a few years back. Odd experience.

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