bits and pieces

I received a few wistful comments about the round rock photo I dropped into a post recently, so I thought I’d show you another. This was taken in July of 2006, and though it may seem odd, this is my favorite of the hundreds of round rocks I have in my forest. I have it on a shelf beside my desk now, as a sort of bookend for the various journals that have published my stories. (It doesn’t work very well as a bookend since it tends to roll.)

The setting is also of note. It is where the cabin now stands. If you look closely enuf you can see a rope crossing the top of the photo to the corner of a tarp at the top right. We had a tarp (a succession of tarps) serve as our “shelter” for years before we had the cabin built. Three bonus round rocks in the background.


I have a confirmed Blogspot comment of mine that posted! You may recall me saying that my comments on Blogspot sites were not appearing, including one site where I was a regular commenter. I’m not sure what this means. Because of spam, most of these sites are filtered so that the blog owner must approve a comment for it to appear. Does this mean my benign comments are no longer being approved at these sites? And can I take that as an indication of my self worth?


I may have mentioned that I have a Flickr site. It was mostly photos of my woods in the Missouri Ozarks, but now it seems to be screen captures of my grandchildren. Anyway . . .


By my count, I have lived in seven houses through my life. (And there may have been an apartment before the first house.) I realized the other day that not only have I lived in my current house longer than anywhere else, but I have lived here longer than everywhere else. Yet it still seems temporary and transitional. I don’t think I expected to set down roots here, so their they’re shallow.


Somewhat similar: there was a point in my life where every company I’d ever worked for had gone out of business. I even wrote a story about a character who was this kind of “corporate kiss of death.”


I’m still wrestling with that story “Spring Fever.” I’ve kept 4,400+ words, and I think they’re all essential. It’s improving, but as I mentioned, it’s related to the last chapter story in One-Match Fire, so it has to be exactly right. It’s getting there.

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One Comment on “bits and pieces”

  1. Ontario Wanderer Says:

    Always neat to see your round rocks and nice to know that you blog goes on. I just do not seem to get any further than thinking about mine. (One of many, many projects that sit and wait.)

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