fire Friday

So, some weekends ago I went to my cabin for an overnight, mostly to burn stuff since rain was in the forecast.* I don’t like having fires there unless I know that rain is coming (or passed through recently) so that I don’t have to worry about catching the forest on fire.

Months ago I had stopped in at a little faux Hippie beads and crystals shop and came upon these packets of (no doubt nasty) chemicals that when added to a fire, cause the flames to take on interesting colors. I bought a few packets with the intent of using them to impress my grandson the next time he and I were out to the cabin and had a fire. (After the fire he “helped” me build there in December, he used a black marker to draw a fire on the wall of the cabin — with my encouragement.) I wanted to experiment with one of the packets to see how dazzling it would be.

I may have done it wrong. I threw the packet onto the coals rather than into the flames. The packet shrank and curled and spit a few small green flames. But then I moved the packet up onto the fire itself and got a better results.

I don’t know if this is as good as it gets, but neither will my grandson. So when the time comes, I think he’ll be impressed.

*I was also there to meet a man about repairing the spillways on my dam that have been washed out for more than a year. Rain is both good and bad for me. The man looked at the job and quoted me a price. I swallowed hard and said I didn’t mind paying for getting a job done right, but it was a little more than half the price another man had quoted (and then never showed up to do).

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One Comment on “fire Friday”

  1. The green is pretty cool!

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