heralds ~ Skywatch Friday

I took this photo (through a double-paned window) on Tuesday of this week, about mid-morning, looking west. These massing clouds were heralds of an afternoon rain that we sorely needed. And they seemed to be the first wave of rain storms or overcast days that came to us daily through the rest of the week (including during my bike ride, forcing me to shelter under a park pavilion along with forty or so female high school tennis players) and are forecasted into the weekend.

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6 Comments on “heralds ~ Skywatch Friday”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    We’ve had a bad drought this summer, too, but I’ve still managed to get caught in downpours twice during my weekend bike treks. So much so that I’ve now memorized the shelters, underpasses and overhangs along the route that are suitable for waiting out the rain. Though I have yet to share space with any high school tennis players. That must have been interesting.

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Pete – Since they couldn’t practice on the wet courts, they were doing push ups and lunges and racing drills under the (big) shelter. I, of course, turned away and looked at my phone!

  3. klara Says:

    great clouds.

  4. Peter B. Says:

    Beautiful sky shot, and glad you are getting some rain!

  5. I believe most of the west coast of the United States could use a bit of rain.
    Coffee is on

  6. Diane Says:

    The saturation and light – this almost looks like a painting. Lovely!

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