October blue ~ Skywatch Friday

This was the sky recently over the park where I walk my dogs. I’d seen this trick in an art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico some years ago. “Santa Fe blue” being an actual color, and the sky there being so blue, the clever photographer combined them in a single image.

I’ve also heard of “October blue” as a color, more as a wistful reference than a point on the palette, and I always liked it since I had noticed the skies in October seemingly bluer. Then someone pointed out that this was likely due to lower humidity, and that took all of the romance out of it.

But we’ve had a lot of rain hereabouts so far in October, so an afternoon with clear skies was welcome.

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4 Comments on “October blue ~ Skywatch Friday”

  1. Oh my … this is blue as only deep blue can be.
    I think it’s wonderful.

  2. ladyfi Says:

    Wow – so gorgeous.

  3. Timelesslady Says:

    Not just an October Blue, I’d say it was a Perfect Blue.

  4. Peter B. Says:

    It would be fun to do a series of these shots by date, and compare the various shades of blue you come up with!

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