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Accounting was definitely not my best subject in college. Nor was calculus, statistics, production, finite mathematics, combinatorics, fortran/cobol, and most economics. (I shudder just remembering those days.) I’m clearly not a quantitative person. But give me a literature or philosophy class and it’s straight As, baby!

So I can’t give you an accounting for my recent surge in writing productivity. Since the turn of the year I’ve written two stories (first draft, natch) and have a good start on a third. I wrote one of those stories in a single session! Yes, they all deal with my OMF characters in the years after that novel, and thus they are obviously easier for me to write since I know those characters so well. Even so, this level of productivity is unprecedented for me. I’m struggling to explain to myself why.

Could it be that I’m not devoting hours and hours of my weekend mornings to running and so can use the time for writing? (The math does work, but that seems too quantitative an explanation for what seems a qualitative matter. And why only now since my running hiatus has been far longer than that?) I wonder if the recent holidays and the upset in routine might be the cause. I have found that when I’m traveling that I tend to be more creatively productive. For example, I’ve done some good writing while staying at my children’s houses.

I’m kind of hoping that is the explanation because my routine is about to be upset again. (Running may even be involved.) Not for a long time, but profoundly while it is happening. More on that later perhaps. In the meantime, I’ll take the mysterious productivity.

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3 Comments on “no account”

  1. Mark P Says:

    I was so unsure of what I wanted to do after college that my parents had me tested for aptitude by some sort of psychologist in Atlanta. The results were in the form of a list of career types ranked by how well I fit into them. The highest ranking was for author/journalist. I did, in fact, become a journalist after college, but that lasted only about four years. I quit, went to graduate school at Georgia Tech, and got a PhD in atmospheric science. It seems odd to me even today.

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Mark – those qualifications could push you into any field. I suggest rock star!

  3. markparis Says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about dimensions lately. Even up to the eighth.

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