Roundrock reckoning 2018

Are there weather gods who sometimes smile favorably upon me, or is it merely the machinations of a complex climate and a zillion factors, including the beat of a butterfly’s wing in Beijing, that gave me a nearly 60 degree, sunny day in early January to make my first visit to my little bit of forest on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks for 2019? Probably best not to try to examine this too closely.

I did get down to my woods last weekend, and among the chores for the day was to collect the calendar that hangs on the wall in my cabin to make a reckoning of my visits for last year. I have this sense that I’m not getting down there as much as I did in yore, but I don’t want to pull out the old calendars (yes, I’ve kept them all) and run a comparison. I may find my fear mistaken or confirmed, and neither is desirable.

So here is my month-by-month for 2018:

  • January – I made two visits this month, on successive weekends, and the second visit was an overnight (Friday and Saturday, which is itself uncommon), which means it may have been truly favorable weather, or I shivered through the night in the unheated cabin under insufficient blankets.
  • February – An odd middle-of-the-week Wednesday visit, likely to meet someone about getting some work done, though I don’t recall what that might have been. I’d also made a visit only four days later on the following Sunday. Something must have been afoot.
  • March – Only one visit, but it was another Friday/Saturday overnight. The weather was more likely favorable by this time, and I probably had a campfire to burn a bunch of scrap lumber from the fence I am slowly rebuilding around my back yard in far away suburbia.
  • April – Pretty much a repeat of March, with a Friday/Saturday overnight. I think perhaps I should not call these uncommon anymore. (If I can get out of the office early enuf on a Friday, I can get down to the cabin with sufficient daylight left to build a fire and burn a burger.)
  • May – Yep, only one visit and it was a Friday/Saturday overnight again. I probably had most of the scrap lumber burned by then, or else I replaced another panel of the fence and had more.
  • June – I made two day trips to the cabin this month. Both on Saturdays, and the second, on the last day of the month, included swimming in my leak lake, so it must have had sufficient water to dip in a toe or two.
  • July – THREE visits this month. A day trip on the 8th that included a swim as well as another day trip on the 22nd and then yet another Friday/Saturday overnight on the last weekend of the month. It was surely hot and buggy by then, so maybe I was escaping responsibilities at home or something.
  • August – Only one visit, but what seemed to be becoming my norm: a Friday/Saturday overnight.
  • September – Only a single day trip visit on a Saturday late in the month. I may have stolen time to make the visit just so I wouldn’t clock a whole month of my life without a visit to my cabin. I think I was visiting the grands in New York this month, which could account for the infrequency.
  • October – Two day-trip visits on the first and last Saturdays of the month. One year it was both warm enuf and there was enuf water in the leak lake to swim in October, but it was not this year.
  • November – A repeat of October, with two day-trip Saturdays bookending the month. The latter was my one-day-delayed annual anti-Black Friday visit when I thumb my nose at the crass commercialism of our society and escape to the woods.
  • December – Again with the two day-trip Saturdays. It may have been on one of these that I saw an osprey on my lake and on the other that I saw a bald eagle. My son and his wife were in town for the holidays, and I thought there might have been a cabin trip then, but for whatever reason, it didn’t materialize.

For years I have kept a visit journal on the little table in the cabin.* In it I record each visit and what I saw or did then. Who was along. Interesting wild events. And such. If I brought that home with me each January, I could write a more detailed account of my visits, but I fear that would probably bore you, and I also tend to write accounts of most of my visits on this humble blog anyway, so I’d probably be repeating myself.


*I actually began this as an exercise for a story I was working on that eventually became “where late the sweet birds sang” published in the Selected Places anthology in the summer of 2017.

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One Comment on “Roundrock reckoning 2018”

  1. I like knowing you are still making visits to Roundrock. I love the photo you posted with this post. It’s very cool and interesting.

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