“Twice Blest” has found a home

My One-Match Fire story “Twice Blest” has been accepted for publication in The MOON Magazine. It’s supposed to appear in The Power of One-themed issue, which is scheduled for this month, so any minute now! (I’ll post a link.)

UPDATE: And here it is!

I had originally submitted this story for their Atonement-themed issue (coming in March), and the editor wrote back saying she wanted to use it earlier, if that was all right with me. And of course it was! (She also said some very nice things about the story.)

The MOON Magazine had published my story “The Most Natural Thing in the World” back in 2014, so that’s two One-Match Fire stories they’ve accepted. This is the tenth OMF story (of the 24) that has been published, which makes me think the whole might be at least as good as the parts.

“Twice Blest” has a history. It was originally accepted in 2015 by a magazine that quickly went defunct before they could publish my story. Its peregrinations took it to more than a dozen publications before it found a home. I don’t know if that’s a good number or an embarrassing number, but it’s my number. (I’m constantly fussing with these stories, so I think the 2019 version is better than the 2015 version would have been.)

The title comes from the Quality of Mercy speech in The Merchant of Venice, which speaks of how showing mercy benefits both the giver and the receiver. (That’s why I had submitted for the Atonement-themed issue originally.)

So, not a bad start to 2019.

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One Comment on ““Twice Blest” has found a home”

  1. Quite a moving story you told. A few moments in a father’s life, but a lifetime of moments it took to get there. Revelation and love.

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