the pounding in my head

What a day to be home sick from work!

We’ve had a leak in the roof above our master bathroom (sounds so pretentious when I say “master bathroom”), mostly around a very old skylight, for a long time. Twice we’ve had crews go up there and caulk all around it, and once we had the skylight totally replaced. But still it leaked.

So after getting some estimates to remove and seal the skylight and address whatever other watery concerns there may be up there (the skylight is/was on a flat roof that adjoins the house so there is a nice, long joint where leaks have occurred), and blanching at the cost, we finally bit the bullet and signed a contract to get the problem solved once and for all.

And today, my sick day home from work, is the day that the roofers are here, banging on the roof above the next room over. And banging. Our little dog, Queequeg, is terrified by all of this and is sticking close to me or my wife. I’m sitting at my desk, thinking that a long stretch of uninterrupted time before my computer might be productive. But it’s hard to concentrate.

Once we get this leak resolved — once we’re convinced that it is resolved — our next insane expense is to repair/remodel the master bathroom, and not just the stained ceiling, but the old and crusty fixtures and the carpeting (who puts carpeting in a bathroom?) that has been moldering on the floor for three decades. We’ll also put in a new ceiling light to replace the daylight lost to the sealed-over skylight.

And then, if this leak really is resolved, I’m going to talk to the crew to see what they can do about leaky dams down in the Ozarks.

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