three strikes

Wow! I’ve already received three rejections this week, and the week ain’t over.

It’s not as tough as I make out. One piece had been out for 11 months before I got the rejection, and it’s just as well since in that time I had substantially revised it; I wouldn’t have wanted it published as it was from back then.

Another was a long shot, and I don’t think the story was really finished anyway. I think the substance of it is there, but I’m still tinkering with it. So no hurt feelings here.

The third was for “MTWTF” that I’ve talked about here before. It’s a quirky story, which doesn’t really hurt its chances, I think, but it’s also a long story, which, in combination with quirk, I think does hurt its chances.

Still, onward!

But this reality of creative writing and submitting convinces me more and more that paying a fee to submit a story is not a cost-effective production model. (And as I think about it, I see plenty of cautions against submitting novel manuscripts to publishers who charge an up-front submission or reading fee. Invariably, they’re identified as scammers or at least places to avoid. Yet for journals, we’re supposed to be okay with that same thing?)

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2 Comments on “three strikes”

  1. I don’t mind paying $3-$5 to submit. A lot of times this fee is keeping the journal afloat.

    Also, what is the best beer for dealing with literary rejection?

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Any beer works well for dealing with literary rejection, though I have a book here on my shelf that discusses beer in useful detail, and I may refer to it to see if there is any discussion of the matter.

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