coming storm ~ Skywatch Friday

Last Saturday I saw that I had a window of opportunity before the forecasted rains came, so I jumped on my bike and hit the trail. My destination was about ten miles away, on mostly flat trail, and I got there with no trouble. Then I refueled and rehydrated and it was time to go home.

Fortunately, my wife had met me with my truck and I tossed the bike in the back then drove home. But before we did that, I glanced at the sky and saw the front approaching.

The trail had been muddy in recent weeks, and my bike was a mess as a result, so it got a nice little (but insufficient) rinse in the bed of my truck.

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2 Comments on “coming storm ~ Skywatch Friday”

  1. Peter B. Says:

    Wow, very dramatic sky!! You owe your wife one for the lift home!

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