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This is a not-so-random image from my massive photo inventory. I tell the interesting and perplexing tale of this book in an old post here.


I’ve been bike-less for the last few days. When I bought my bike last summer, the neighborhood bike shop — where we’d begun buying bikes for our kids when they were young — offered a free 30-day tune up and then another at one year. My riding on the Indian Creek Trail has not been kind to my bike. Mostly it’s covered with mud on the underside, but it also tends to shift poorly into second gear, it rattles a lot when I pedal, and now the rear wheel feels out of alignment (from, it turned out, several broken spokes). So, as I was fast-approaching my year anniversary, I thought I should get it into the shop for its free annual tune up.

Except the bike shop closed. It had been a family business for all of its decades, and the family decided to retire. I was told that another bike shop, deep in the urban core, would honor the one-year tune up, and so I hauled my bike down there last Friday. I expected to be disappointed or at least cross sold on gear or services I didn’t want/need. But nothing like that happened. They said that of course they would honor the tune up, and they’d get to it right away. Right away turned out to be Monday (today), and my hope is that I can pick it up this afternoon and begin punishing my legs and lungs again.


Not counting my initial (fumbling?) attempts at finding an agent for OMF, I currently have six stories in submission at ten publications. Seems a little low, and one of those has been out there since September, but most of my new writing has been stories with the OMF characters in the years after that story ended (in fact, some are actually in the future from today, but as long as no one looks too closely at the timing hints, no problem). These stories are in various stages of completeness, and when I think I have them all worked out and polished, another thought pushes into my head. But as one wise friend told me, they’ll never be good enuf in my mind, so there’s that.


I did not get out to Roundrock over the four-day weekend as I had hoped/planned/wished. The weather forecast was always iffy, with rain predicted until the day of the event, when it was removed. I could have gone down there after all, but I managed to fill my long weekend with other activities. This coming weekend, however, seems likely.


Unless something interferes. Grandchild #7 is expected in ten days (by C-section), but if the little girl, Alice will be her name, hurries things along, my weekend may no longer be my own.

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