thick-skinned report

I received two rejections last week.

One was a long-shot, and I was only surprised by the swiftness of the response. I had sent in the story almost on impulse, and I’m not too disappointed.

The other was a bit harder on the ego, but it makes sense.

I had written a fictionalized story of a time my wife joined me on a 5K. It was a disaster with a hilarious finish, and the story pretty much wrote itself. I was pleased with it and decided to send it to a likely market right away (rather than let the story gestate a while, which generally helps).

The likely market is one that accepted a story of mine recently (though it’s not published yet), and I seem to have a good rapport with the editor. It turns out, though, the publication has a policy that they won’t publish stories from the same writer in back-to-back issues. I would have to wait until both the upcoming issue and the one after that are published to have my latest story considered.

The editor also suggested that the story could be developed further. This was something that was in the back of my mind as I rushed it out the door. So I will let it gestate a while and see what comes of it.

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