random photo Thursday

What you see is a collection of throwing sticks for Flike out at my little cabin on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks.

As far as Flike is concerned, the cabin exists as a site where I will throw a stick for him to chase and then to bring back but not give to me, keep-away apparently being the preferred game of Border Collies.

When we would arrive at the cabin, he would leap from the truck and grab a stick from the gravel then bring it to me to throw. His timing wasn’t the best since there was the unpacking of the truck and the opening of the cabin to get done.

Eventually we moved his sticks into the cabin for safe keeping, but that merely led him to scrounging for any stick he could find in the forest for me to throw.


Apparently I am an advanced sleeper. I’m not sure if it’s innate or if I’ve trained myself this way. I can remember sleeping in on the weekends until noon sometimes — which seems horrible to me now.

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One Comment on “random photo Thursday”

  1. Alice Puppy only wishes she could carry such big sticks. Her favorite game is to snatch a piece of grass and carry it in her mouth as she runs around the yard.

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