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So that flame of a new story idea that has kept me on fire for a few weeks continues. I’ve already rewritten the first chapter that I had completed before, swelling it to 2,200 words. And I’m sure I’ll revisit it several times as the rest of the novel blossoms in my mind. I’ve also scrawled the first two sentences of the second chapter, which is big (as a motivator, not in word count).

I make copious notes for the story when I’m away from my (new) laptop, and I still rise at that unholy hour to work on (struggle with) the writing. Compound this with the pleasant intrusion of my son and his wife and their two girls from Seattle and my other son (his twin) and his wife and their boy and girl from down the road for holiday visiting and activities. I’m taking it as a measure of the story’s worth that I am staying devoted to it during all of this competition for my attention and affection.

I feel that I should create a Category on the humble blog for this so that ardent scholars can more easily research the novel’s genesis in years to come, but I’m not sure what I would call it. The word “Imaginary” figured importantly in the short story I wrote that inspired the novel idea, but it’s not so important to the bigger project. And “Conde Sazdorff” is still too odd. And “Belgium” is right out.

So the new year begins with a bang, so to speak, and it looks like it’s going to be sustained for a while.

(But should I be concerned that work on my other story ideas has completely dried up?)


The photo above is a snake skin I found out in my woods some years ago. (And a nice view of the lake looking full with a lush forest around it. Also, raggedy fingernails.) Snake skins have an important thematic purpose in One-Match Fire but don’t (yet) figure in this new project.

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