two photos

This, friends, is the nearly empty lake bed at Roundrock. Fortunately, this is also a very old image from a decade ago. I took this not long after the dam had been built but before the cabin had been.

In fact, the dam was “re-built” in this photo. Ozark soil is not really all that suitable for holding back water (unless you have the resources of the federal government, then, damitall!). So when my dam was originally built it leaked excessively. The builder said it might, but he came back out to work on it more including scraping up some soil that might have a few molecules of clay in it to pack on the dam.

It still leaks, but it’s getting better, in large part because the bottom is building up its layer of silt, which, while it isn’t the best at containing water, is better than gravel.

What you see in the puddle is the plastic drum that serves as the “drain” for the lake. It connects to a pipe that emerges on the other side of the dam with a valve that can be opened and closed. I’ve opened the valve exactly twice because who doesn’t like a terrifying burst of water under high pressure inches from your self! (In retrospect, I’m not sure why I would ever want to drain my lake, but there it is.) At full pool the area you see in the photo would have eighteen feet of water in it, and often does.

What you see in this second photo is a portion of the fire ring retaining wall and two dog treats. We’ve been searching for treats that Flike will eat since his old favorite is no longer being made. (Some say it was a choking hazard and was discontinued by the manufacturer, but Snopes says otherwise. It was a hoax, but it was so successful that the product has disappeared.)

Anyway, we tried giving Flike the treats you see above. He dutifully carried his treat into the other room — as dogs do — and then it was gone. It turned out, however, that he politely took the treat into the other room then spit it out. Queequeg, never one to miss an good thing, then was eating Flike’s rejected treats.

So now we have a bag of these things that one dog doesn’t want and the other dog shouldn’t have. (He’s a little chunky.) Thus I took two out to the cabin and put them in a visible place. My hope is that some coyote or even a raccoon or opossum will happen upon them and find out they are just wonderful and then eat them. If so, there’s plenty more where those came from.

Still, Flike doesn’t have a suitable treat yet.

Update 4FEB20 – When I returned to the cabin last weekend, the two dog treats were gone. Guess where the rest of the package is heading.

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One Comment on “two photos”

  1. Sophie Poodle would like to recommend cod strips to her Midwestern comrades.

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