bits and pieces

And old photo, above. Some of my round rocks. I began accumulating them about as soon as I began finding them. The pile you see here is now buried deeply by fallen leaves and grown grass. It’s also in a part of my forest I don’t visit as often since the road to the cabin whisks me past it.


Still hunkering down in our self isolation. So far, no problems (though there was no milk at the store the other day when i ventured out for supplies). I’m now working at a make-shift desk in my basement with equipment from my office. It’s surprisingly effective. I had vowed years ago that I would never work from home. My chief reason was because I wanted a tall, impenetrable wall between my work life and the rest of my life. So when this wall was inevitably to be breached, I chose a workstation in my basement; I would forever associate working from home with mildrew and spider webs and cold feet. So far, that’s worked out, but sleeping in two hours this morning has been a nice benefit. (I woke with my dog’s nose in my face, asking to be let out.) So we’ll see if this maybe will become permanent.


Ouroboros is in a semi-finished state. The many brilliant ideas that were flooding into my head as I was writing it have mostly ceased. I still get thoughts about this or that, but nothing structurally or thematically significant is coming any longer. I take that as a sign that it is “finished.” It’s with my favorite beta reader now, and he wrote me an extensive list of thoughts/suggestions/reactions to One-Match Fire when he read that.


Tomorrow is Persian New Year, or as we in the West call it, the first day of spring. I expect celebrations and observations to be muted this year.


Another old photo. Back in the days before we had a cabin (10+ years ago) we sheltered under a tarp overlooking the sparkling lake at Roundrock. I think we went through three of these tarps in those days. The winter weather was especially hard on them. Anyway, the one you see here lost a corner grommet in some violation, which was problematic for keeping the thing in suspension. It was my wife who came up with the solution you see here. Wrap the corner in a smooth stone and then tie around the stone. It worked well.


Curiously, the frenzy that engulfed me when I was working on Ouroboros left me not at all motivated to shop my completed short stories around. I have a half dozen that I think are finished and worthy, and in my current self-imposed isolation, I could be submitting these all over the place, but I’m not for some reason.

I am pretty enthused about a new short story idea, and I’ve been making notes about it. Nearly time to begin writing it, I think.

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One Comment on “bits and pieces”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    “I would forever associate working from home with mildrew and spider webs and cold feet.”

    My mandated working-from-home is considerably more pleasant, especially at the moment, as I enjoy my lunch with a cat sleeping on my lap. I don’t have that luxury at the office!

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