“MTWTF” has arrived

My short story “MTWTF” has appeared in print. The copy of WORKERS WRITER! Tales from the Classifieds arrived in my mailbox over the weekend.

Like so many of my stories, I’d had this one for a couple of years, shopping it around until it found its proper home.

The story was not heavily edited (though they did change “bosom” to “chest” and a few minor things like that), but the review process was pleasant and professional. This was one of the few times I’d received a proof copy of the story to review prior to publication. And the editor responded personally to me twice when I had asked about publication dates. This was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My story appears in the back third of the collection, which is fine and it reminds me of my running days at the back of the pack, but I’ll consider it a great day when one of my pieces appears in the front half of a journal!

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One Comment on ““MTWTF” has arrived”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great news!

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