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My son recently announced that Grand #8 is in production and is expected to make an appearance in early September. The boy is to be named after his paternal grandfather (though his maternal grandfather also has that name).


Spell Check in Word sometimes reveals surprising things to me. For example, I recently intended to type “in the” and somehow came out with “int.” (Hitting the space bar at the right moment has often been a challenge for me.) So there sat “int” without the squiggly red line below it. Turns out that “int” is a standard abbreviation for words like “interior,” “internal,” and “international.” Such revelations come at least weekly to me.


Quietly, the city where I live has been painting the fire hydrants gray. That has to be peak suburbanism. I’m sure the firefighters know where every single hydrant is in the city, so they probably didn’t need to be bright yellow. But still, gray?


I am only a few pages away from filling my current journal (#28). I use spiral notebooks with college logos on them (current: Syracuse University, next: Villanova). In past years I was able to fill an entire notebook (college ruled pages, too) in less than a year. I’ve been working on this one since late 2016. I attribute this slow progress in part to keeping a lot more notes on my computer and also writing many things — such as my trips to Roundrock — on this humble blog. Before I would write full accounts of such trips in my paper journal, which filled pages. Lately I’ve realized how impossible it would be to find any given things in those thousands of pages of all of my past journals. And I’m sure there are things in them that I no longer even remember. Should I devote some time each day to reading them from the start? Or would that be too embarrassing?


On Friday during my “vacation” last week, I rode the entire length of the Indian Creek and Blue River Trails: 26+ miles. This was the first time this year that I did that, and my quads were reminding me about it for several days. I completed it — my heart and lungs were in the game — but my legs were finished at about mile 20 and had to be coaxed along. Still, I’m eager to do it again, and by the fall, I’m sure it will be no problem at all.


The first draft of Omphalos (the sequel to Ouroboros) is completed and I’m getting it out to some favored and treasured readers. Then what? Since a character’s four novellas feature in my two novellas, my wife thinks I should also write four novellas about all of this. (I’m glad I didn’t feature a dozen novellas!) I tend to shy away from challenges, but this work has been unprecedented for me (I wrote the first 45,000-word draft of Omphalos in six weeks), and already I have ideas on this sequel to the sequel. (Nothing yet on the fourth, but I’m not worried. Update: I know what I want to do with the fourth novella, and I’ll call it Olio. Trust me, it makes sense.)

My working title for my third novella is Obelus.

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