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So I’ve been a bachelor for a couple of weeks. My wife has been in St. Louis, helping care for our newest grand, Paul, or Small Paul as his cousins in New York have called him. (I am thus Tall Paul.) I got to see Paul for a long weekend when he was only a few days old and now he’s a few weeks old. They change so much! (Also, I don’t know yet if he’ll be right or left handed.)


I did a thing two Sunday’s ago. I ran/walked a virtual 5K in support of my university’s food pantry. It was not my best time, hampered by a discovery after it was done that I had actually added about a quarter mile of distance to it. Nonetheless, even with the help of Flike to pull me along when we ran (trotted), I was about twenty minutes longer than my best times back in my running days. To be expected, of course. But I had been secretly hoping that all of the cycling I’ve been doing would help with a return to running, and maybe it is, but if so, then I have a long way to go.


There are two ash trees in my back yard that we’ve decided to have taken down. Or course they’re right beside our brand new fence, and I don’t want that damaged. Anyway, when I had the tree people come out, their bid was a good chunk of change (though not out of line in our experience). I dithered. They called me back and said if I wasn’t in a hurry, and they could schedule the removal in their slow months, I could get a discount: 10% in January and 20% in February. Obviously, I opted for February. However, I realized at the time (a few weeks ago) that this meant I would have the trees throughout fall, and I’m dealing with that consequence right now. The squirrels seem to have battles up in those two ash, and the back yard was littered with green leaves each day. I had to rake every other day if I hoped to get any grass growing there next spring. Now the leaves in the tree are yellowing and they’ll soon take their turn to fall. The gingko leaves will all fall in one day, as gingkoes do. The two cypress trees will rain down their feathery leaves longest, but it appears that this is another year when we don’t have many “cones” to deal with.


Do you find this photo of the trees across my lake to be unsettling?


The querying for Obelus continues. When I come back to my query letter after a few days away I seem to bring fresh eyes to it, and I revise it here or there to strengthen it or make it more direct and clear, which is great. But it makes me wonder how the original draft of it fared with the early submissions I made.

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3 Comments on “bits and pieces”

  1. markparis Says:

    Small Paul seems not to care for the paparazzi. Who taught him the bird?

  2. Small Paul looks mighty already! 🙂

    Query letters…

    I’m currently revising mine as well. I have had some good luck with it, but I think it’s more, “This happens, and then this happens,” without setting up any conflict or showing the protagonist’s growth.

  3. pete29anderson Says:

    I played soccer in high school (or more accurately, I was on the team, but rode the bench) and did a lot of running during practice. I was in great shape, and thought that bike riding would be effortless, but on my first ride after soccer was over, I found that wasn’t at all the case. I think your running leg muscles are different from your biking leg muscles.

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