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My son and his wife, and Small Paul, have found a house they want to buy in St. Louis. Should this happen, my son has said he’ll be coming for all of the furniture he left behind when he moved out nearly two decades ago. Included in that are two large bookcases. Left unattended, the bookcases managed to fill themselves with my wife’s books, and by all reports, they’ve been happy there. But they may soon be evicted. So I set a plan in motion.

You’ll remember I donated many of my books to the private library near my cabin. I had kept them in a glass-fronted bookcase my (same) son had made for me in high school shop class, and it was now empty. So I began transferring my books from around the house into that bookcase. You see the initial work above. That’s Iris Murdoch on the top shelf, my Sherlock Holmes-related collection on the second shelf, and my complete collection of Philip Roth on the third. Having done this, I’ve freed bookshelf space downstairs that my wife can use to transfer her books from my son’s two large bookcases so they can be empty when he comes to claim them.

(You can ignore the dust you see on the lower shelves above. That’s since been removed.)


I’ve had my new MacBook Air for more than a year, and my fingers have still not accustomed themselves to the keyboard. I continue to make typos all over the place. I classify that as a First World Problem.


Preditors and Editors has been offline for years. I had always considered it a good resource to investigate what seemed sketchy in the world of publishing. And now the Absolute Write Water Cooler is down for transfer to a new platform. Except it’s been down a lot longer than promised. The Water Cooler requires a bit more discriminating stance; a lot of its content is from novices who don’t know much or others who apparently know everything. But sometimes in that mix there would be a good, informed discussion about this or that. Only not now.

Still around and still reliable is Writer Beware, maintained by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. You don’t have to write in those genres to find a wealth of good information for any kind of writing there. I’ve corresponded with the woman who runs that show several times to get her opinion on this or that opportunity I’ve seen.


I continue to use the Apple iCloud for my backups, and so far I am completely satisfied. I did some writing at my desk early one morning, and then at breakfast I peeked at iCloud from my phone to confirm that the morning’s work was already backed up. (I think it happens pretty much instantaneously.) Over the years I’ve used various back up methods including thumb drives, a second computer, email, and even an Apple doohickey inside the router (that was the most disappointing because it would simply fail to work; Apple no longer sells it). But the iCloud back ups are nicely automatic, and the cost is very reasonable, especially for the peace of mind I get from it.


Rett says, “How you doin’?”


I received a rejection over the weekend for a submission that had been out for 456 days. I think that’s my new record.

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