Friday Feature – “The Manuscript”

There was a time in my life when every company I had ever worked for subsequently went out of business. For a while I felt like a) I was the kiss of death, or b) only pathetic companies would hire the likes of me. (I’ve not settled on which is the case yet.)

And because it’s what writers do, I decided to make a story out of this portion of my life. The story that resulted, “The Manuscript,” was a more exaggerated version of what had been true in my life for a number of years, with much bigger consequences. It was also my first, and only as far as I remember, framed narrative. One reader wondered if the framing was necessary, but it was intended as a sort of homage to a wonderful used bookstore here in town (that has since gone out of business — maybe I do have a death touch).

I’m happy to say that the publication that took my story back in 2009, Mirror Dance, is still in business. It’s an elegant place, filled with art by the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and it leans toward fantasy stories. Mine is not fantasy, but it is fantastic in a way, which is why I think it was accepted. (We’re now into the stories I had begun tracking in earnest on Duotrope, and my record for it there shows I’d only submitted it to one place and was accepted. I suspect I was responding to a theme call.)

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2 Comments on “Friday Feature – “The Manuscript””

  1. Libby Says:

    Send it to me. I’m sure I read it, but I’m the lucky one where everything is new again!

  2. pete29anderson Says:

    Ben Tanzer and I have a running joke that he’s the Angel of Death for independent presses. Almost every press that has published his books is now defunct.

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