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Just a random photo from the archive. I pretty much have to unearth each round rock I find in my woods. If they’re keepers, like the basketball-sized one above, I then have to carry them to the cabin even if they do weigh a horrible amount.

It’s getting to be bug season at the cabin, and I find that they seem to enjoy prancing on the back of my neck. But when I reach back to brush them away, it turns out to be my pony tail.


I used to think that the term “gather together” was redundant. After all, we’re never going to gather apart. But now, in the age of Zoom, I think “gather together” might have some traction. (Or maybe “gather apart” does.)


Resolved: Elton John’s song “Bennie and the Jets” is his response/homage/echo of the Beatles’ “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Both incorporate cheering audience sounds. Both sing nostalgically of a musical group. Both are parts of concept albums. Discuss.


I was poking around in Duotrope where I log my story submissions and came upon an old one that I had submitted to a stretch target. The average response time reported for this lit mag is 97 days. Mine was with them for 318 days. Does that mean my story was given a good deal of consideration or that they finally got around to cleaning out the slush pile? (The story was subsequently accepted elsewhere.)


I’m making good progress on my latest big project that I’m calling Losers. It will (eventually) be a novel but it’s not taking the most direct route there. In fact, I’m not really “writing” it right now as much as “assembling” it. Through the week (when I’m working for the man) I get insights about how to develop this point or what that point “really” means, and I write them on a small pad I keep at hand. Then, when I have my weekend writing sessions, I transcribe all of those handwritten notes into a Word file and attempt to organize them. From all of that I’ve come up with a working idea of how to develop the novel — a skeleton for it — and now I’m beginning to hang the ideas onto the skeleton where they belong. Of course none of it is what the story is really about, but I can’t add that story until I have more of the matrix for it in place. From where I am, this actually makes sense.

I’m also doing a lot of work with a few short stories. I’ve even sent some of them out. So far I haven’t broken the string of rejections yet this year, but I remain hopeful.

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