Friday Feature ~ “Rebecca Finds Her Way”

This odd little story came to me on some suburban street in Little Rock more than a decade ago. My wife and I were visiting our son, who was living there at the time, and he showed us this new-fangled GPS device he had that not only showed him how to get to any chosen location but actually spoke to him, giving directions on where to turn, how far to go, and things like that. Pretty high-tech at the time.

We used that thing the entire long weekend we were with him, and there must have been a few times when we disobeyed because this was the first time I heard the word “recalculating” used in this sense. If we missed a turn, for example, the little device said it was “recalculating” a new route for us. And I wondered if the little device, which was programmed with a woman’s voice, grew annoyed when we didn’t follow her directions. The story “Rebecca Finds Her Way” grew from that.

In my story, the GPS device is in league with Rebecca’s controlling boyfriend, and it’s leading her to their new apartment. But as she gets closer to her destination, she begins having second thoughts about the relationship and disobeys the device, which rebukes her. Rebecca then finds a satisfying solution to the situation.

Because of its slightly fantastic premise, I thought it might be a good fit for Mirror Dance, which has published my earlier story “The Manuscript.” I sent it to the editor who promptly accepted it.

I’ve never considered myself a fantasy writer, and if I did lean that way I would be more attempting magical realism, but I was pleased with this little story then and now as I re-read it.

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One Comment on “Friday Feature ~ “Rebecca Finds Her Way””

  1. Libby Says:

    What a nice memory! Thank you

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