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Before we had a cabin at Roundrock, we took shelter under a series of tarps strung in the trees. They were valiant, but the weather was always too much for them. (And for those plastic chairs.) I once described this as a “hurt yurt” and got howls of laughter from readers of my old blog. This is where the cabin now stands.


I am now fully vaccinated — the last in my extended family other than the grands — and a week into the two-week incubation period. I intend to remain cautious, and I will still wear a mask in public, but I will also be happy to spend more time with my children and their children. I did not have the post-vaccination reaction many have reported, so I hope my immune system has ramped up properly.

I’ve heard from several credible sources that because we didn’t get ahead of this pandemic fast enuf and variations were able to evolve that a COVID vaccine may be a yearly thing just as with the flu. Still, if this is an example of socialized medicine, sign me up for more!


RIP Pete Lit


My truck had been away from me all of last week. When my son (and his wife and Small Paul) were visiting two weekends ago, he took my truck back with him to help him move furniture into his new (for him) house. My wife went along with them (driving my son’s Prius — we seem to be a Toyota family now) and stayed for a week. During that time, I had one day when I might have gone out to the cabin (weather, obligations not conflicting), and I might have ventured out there with my wife’s car (Honda Accord), but I didn’t want to get it bogged down in the mud that is likely there or washed away in the flowing stream we have to cross. My truck has much higher clearance and four-wheel drive. So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to my cabin.


Small Paul says Jambo again. He’s almost eight months old now and nearly crawling. He’s also a very vocal child, stimulated by music and often by just nothing at all.


During the work week I am part of a number of conference calls. Generally, my contribution lasts five or ten minutes of an hour (or longer) call. It’s how I pay the bills and I have no complaint about that. But lately, because of the direction “latest big project” has been going, I’ve found these calls to be fruitful when the talk drifts into buzzwords and arcane business phraseology. I often will be taking notes not on the subject matter but on how it is discussed. So far, much of this has found its way into “latest big project.”

Oddly, a number of what I think are really good ideas for short stories have been crowding into my brain lately. I make notes and fool around with them a little, but I haven’t been able to work on them as I’d like because of “latest big project.” I’d say it’s a good problem to have.


Currently reading The Sacred and Profane Love Machine by Iris Murdoch (second time through). Not as odd as it sounds.

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  1. pete29anderson Says:

    Not deceased just yet. And by the time I’m done with that author series, I might have changed my mind.

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