Friday Feature ~ “Diaspora”

This speculative fiction story is perhaps the one I had the most fun writing. “Diaspora” is a conversation between a bright pupil and a wise elder in a future civilization of humans no longer on earth. I had the core idea for a long time, but I never looked at it as a possible story. But when I did, it seemed to flow from my fingers.

I was in an other-worldly location when I wrote it, which probably helped with the work. My wife and I were staying in a bed and breakfast in a hundred-year-old hacienda near Cimarron, New Mexico for a week, and I wrote the entire story in that time. We were there to visit our middle son, who was doing his pediatric rotation for medical school at the Scout Camp Philmont just down the road. Not a bad gig for medical school studies. As I recall, most of his work involved sunburns and twisted ankles.

Anyway, imagine having this view every morning with your breakfast:

That’s called the Tooth of Time and it was just behind the hacienda. I understand Scouts can hike to the top of it, to the very edge. I don’t think my son had to treat any patients who might have fallen from that height.

If you go to the link you will see that “Diaspora” appeared in the online magazine Crossed Genres in 2010. I had submitted to its “characters of color” theme and the story was accepted. Sadly, Crossed Genres is no longer being published, but I’m glad the old issues are still online.

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One Comment on “Friday Feature ~ “Diaspora””

  1. Libby Says:

    Nice, thank you for the memory!

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