throwback Thursday ~ my journal journey

I continue to dip into my old journals when the mood strikes. So far I haven’t discovered anything profound (in the scribbled musings of a twenty-something) but I am recalling a lot of lost memories and puzzling over why certain story ideas seemed so compelling to me back then. (I seemed to have had a speculative fiction bent at the time.)

I’m through Journal #5 now, which carries me into the early days of 1986. Somewhere in Journal #4 I had transitioned to writing exclusively with a mechanical pencil, which I’ve always preferred. Just the feel of my hand pushing a mechanical pencil across a page seems therapeutic to me. I’d also become consistent about dating my entries. And I’ve found a few notes I made about the notes I made, so I must have gone back sometime to re-read what I had written. I am now penciling in current dated notes as well, reflecting on what I’m reading from my murky past. Not surprisingly, many of the sentiments I wrote about those long years ago are still pertinent to me now. Others I’m glad to leave behind.

An interesting development in Journal #5 is that I had begun recording things other than story ideas. Specifically, I made a number of entries about some of the people I was working with and how petty they were. Granted, I was a callow youth at the time, but some of my coworker’s/superior’s behaviors still strike me as unprofessional and embarrassing. I guess I was learning more about the ugliness of life.

And Journal #5 is when I began listing in the back pages the books I had read. (I’ve said several times that someone will eventually take this comprehensive list of these books and say, “This explains everything, Your Honor!”) I continue to record my read books today.

The final entry in Journal #5 was about a new class I would be taking at night school. (I had completed my undergraduate degree a few years before and had begun taking evening classes to indulge this crazy notion I had of being a writer.) This particular class was about Feature Writing, and I was amazed that the instructor actually intended us to write one or two articles that we would get published! Heady stuff! (And it worked. This was a very important class in my life.) One of the class requirements was to keep a journal that we would turn in periodically for his review. Well, I was a veteran journal keeper by then, and I would be starting a new one — Journal #6 — coincident to beginning the class.

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One Comment on “throwback Thursday ~ my journal journey”

  1. Libby Says:

    I thought it funny when you made a journal entry of a journal entry of a journal entry of a journal entry.

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