bits and pieces

The photo above is from 2005 and shows the failure of my earliest attempt to plant selected trees at Roundrock. As I recall, I had been given two maple tree seedlings as a gift. They were scions of some famous maple tree in history, and they came with translucent tubes that would protect them and serve as mini greenhouses. You see what the local fauna thought of that idea.

Through the years I have planted hundreds of trees and fruiting shrubs in my woods and fields, but only the shortleaf pines have been a success. I attribute that to the steel posts and steel fencing I put around them to protect them and serve as mini greenhouses. (And even that is often not enuf.)


Update on the feature in Word that suggests wording changes: this AI does suggest using the Oxford comma, so it’s not all bad.


Our mild effort at downsizing continues. My daughter and SIL and three grands are in town from NYC, and she has been rummaging through the boxes in the basement, finding treasures she wants to keep and things she can cast off. Several large trash bags have made it to the bin, and several more large boxes have been packed and taken to the shipping office to be sent to NYC. When they drive home later this month, a bench will be strapped to the roof of their car that had served my family when I was a boy. I’m not sure why she prized that old thing, but I guess I’m glad it is finding a new home.


On Wednesday I was stung by a wasp on my right ear. Today my ear is swollen and is noticeably larger than its companion on the other side of my head. It’s also still a little sore.

I can recall being stung by wasps four other times and each time it has been on my right ear.

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One Comment on “bits and pieces”

  1. Lbby Says:

    We used it when she was a girl! And now her kids will use it!

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