bits and pieces

The photo above is from 2006 (click to embiggen) and it’s something we encountered when we were nearly to our little cabin in the Missouri woods. One of the property owners along the common road had brought this mobile home in to set up on his property but couldn’t get it up the hill (to the left, not in the photo). In fact, he high-sided it when he tried to cross a small ravine. The front and back ends of the trailer rested on the ground while the wheels in the center were suspended over the ravine. The trailer sat like that for months, perhaps years, until a very strong rainstorm came through and sent a torrent down the man’s road, lifting the trailer from its perch and carrying it back down the hill, depositing across the common road.

On this visit we managed to get around the trailer by bushwhaking in the scrub on the left. As I recall, matters remained this way for several months until one visit when we arrived and saw a large pile of crumpled metal on the side of the road. Apparently the owner had hired a big machine to come in and tear the trailer apart to get it out of the way.

Interesting to me about this photo is the hillside you see beyond the trailer. It is now densely forested with cedar trees. It’s only in seeing this that I realize how much change has taken place in our years of coming here.


I’ve noted here that I’ve been listening to white noise during my writing sessions as a way to cover the sound of the heartbeat in my right ear. I began to wonder, though, if constantly hearing such a sound was good for my brain, and it seems that it is not. I saw a recommendation for listening to pink noise instead. (I didn’t know sound could be color coded.) White noise seems to be a muted roar while pink noise is more of a hiss. Apparently pink noise is a more complicated sound, which is better for the synapses. So I’m giving it a try.


Absolute Write is back but seems a ghost of its former self. I had ever only gone to its forums to ask this or that or to see what others had to say about this or that. So far, it doesn’t appear that members have flocked back.


I continue to work my way through my old journals, but I’m not finding any profound observations or insights. In fact, a lot of it makes me cringe, but I guess I can take heart in knowing how far I’ve come since then.

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2 Comments on “bits and pieces”

  1. markparis Says:

    I feel certain that down here a redneck engineer would have figured out how to get that trailer unstuck. I don’t know how, but that just makes me not a redneck engineer.

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Mark, I suspect the frame was damaged in the effort. There is/was another trailer at the top of this hill, and this one must have been too long to make the trip.

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