throwback Thursday ~ my journal journey

Yes, I continue to slog through my entries in my old journals. I’m up to journal #13 now, covering roughly the period from September of 1991 to September of 1992. #13 was written in a notebook from Loyola University in Chicago, which I think one of my nephews went to. Their mother was great about getting me a journal from whatever university her three children were in, and she kept me supplied for many years, but that’s all dried up now. (My oldest grand is about 11 years away from going to college, so I need to find some other resource until then.)

I must confess that some of my old entries make me cringe. Who was this naif who was scribbling these thoughts and ideas? Yet other entries still seem alive to me, ideas I could work on today. And in turn I wonder what I’ll think thirty years from now when I read the entries I’m making now.

I had begun my brief career as a comp instructor at the local community college around this time, and many of my entries in the journal are about this. Most are laments. How much work is involved. Not getting assigned the classes or times I wanted. Struggling to fill three-hour sessions. Grading papers. My journal entries reflect this.

But this was also the time that I had finished my M.A. I took a comprehensive written exam to complete it rather than take another six hours of classes (in the evening). There were quite a few entries anguishing about whether I would pass it, and then when I did I was several days late noting in my journal.

I continued to make entries about jobs I wanted to get and articles I wanted to write and even fiction I wanted to write. Plus I made lots of observations about my moods and outlooks at the time.

But what I’m not finding are real gems. Some forgotten idea that I can pick up and develop today with a broader perspective and maybe a bit more skill and confidence. I’m sure they’re in there; I mean, they must be. Forty years of consistent journal writing has to yield something, right?

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