throwback Thursday ~ my journal journey

I can’t report any progress in reading my old journals since my last throwback Thursday posting. Journal #14 (of 29) sits open on my desk at the same page where I had left it, beckoning me to return to read my old posts (from 1992) and cringe at how clueless and embarrassing I was.

But there is a sort of update today. When I was in New York last month,* I had rented a citibike and rode through Prospect Park from my daughter’s house to Medgar Evers College to buy a spiral notebook with that institution’s logo on the cover to serve as journal #30 (#29 being nearly filled). The citibikes are heavy beasts, built for use and abuse by all kinds of people, and while they got me around Brooklyn during my stay, they are nothing like the sleek, lightweight bike I have at home. (Each bike station — they’re all over — has bays for at least twenty bikes, most of which were in use when I needed one, leaving some that were “not in service” because they were broken somehow.) When I got to Medgar Evers College, however, riding not only through Prospect Park but on some busy Brooklyn streets, I learned that they don’t have a dedicated, physical bookstore; all such purchases are done online, so the perilous ride was for naught but experience. I managed to get myself back to my daughter’s house on one of those beast bikes and then researched getting the notebook online.

That notebook arrived at my house yesterday, Now, when I finally fill #29 (it won’t be long), I have the next one waiting to be used. I’ve kept a handwritten journal for nearly all of my adult life. So far, it has not been an amazing and enlightening journey through the pages, but I do love the feeling of my hand pushing a mechanical pencil across the page, so I guess I’ll keep on keeping one.


*I went to New York on Easter Sunday to take up temporary duties as a dog sitter while my daughter and her family went to Disneyworld. It turns out that it was cheaper to buy me round-trip airline tickets than it would have been to pay for boarding for their elderly dog, Crusher. (The fact that I flew on Easter may have been part of the low price.) I stayed for more than two weeks, overlapping the Disney trip, and my daughter said she thought Crusher seemed healthier when they returned than he had been when they’d left.

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